February 2021 Fullerton College CTE Month College News

February 08, 2021

In celebration of Career & Technical Education (CTE) Month, Fullerton College will be promoting awareness of the value of CTE and highlighting program achievements and accomplishments in the past year.  All events will be posted on our Fullerton College CTE Instagram account.  For more information, email:  mpayan@fullcoll.edu

CTE month is a public awareness campaign that takes place annually in February to celebrate the value of CTE programs across the country.  Annually, the Association of Career & Technical Education (ACTE), highlights this campaign to promote awareness nationality.  Visit:  https://www.acteonline.org/why-cte/cte-awareness/cte-month/

What can you do to engage in Fullerton College CTE Month in February?

Participate by following our CTE Instagram page!  We will post daily information about our CTE programs, highlight instructor videos, and career pathways information. 

For more information on CTE Month, visit the Fullerton College Career Education website:  cte.fullcoll.edu

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