Built for What’s Next Feature Story

August 21, 2018
Orange County Career Education Future Built campaign promo

Built for What’s Next: “Future BUILT” Campaign Brings New Focus to O.C. Career Education Marketing

In a fast-moving, high-tech Orange County economy, it’s not enough to be prepared for the needs of the current workforce. In fact, it’s more critical than ever to develop knowledge and skills to meet next-generation industry needs… in other words, it’s more important than ever to be Future BUILT.

Orange County’s community college Career Education programs launched the “Future BUILT” brand in Spring of 2018 to bring cohesion and consistency to the Career Education marketing efforts of the region’s nine community colleges and continuing education center. In its first semester, the Future BUILT brand has already made an impact in O.C. communities, bringing a message of confidence and comfort to future career professionals, while raising the overall profile of higher education in crucial workforce sectors.

“I believe what resonates with our audience about the Future Built concept is the idea of a better future for a person and his/her family,” says Dr. Gustavo Chamorro, Orange County Director of the Los Angeles and Orange County Regional Consortium. “We all want to strive for a better tomorrow — a tomorrow that can bring a better outlook for us and the ones we love.”

The Future BUILT concept, based on attributes and community perceptions derived from months of research, combines the “hands-on” with the abstract, speaking to both the pragmatic and aspirational goals of career education students and employers. Since launch, the campaign has employed simple, sparse messaging, paired with high-energy workforce action shots to position Career Education in Orange County as a bold yet practical choice for career advancement.

The initial Future BUILT campaign employed a multiplatform approach, including digital, social media, outdoor, transit and print advertising, as well as a website, viewbook and News Center.

Says Chamorro: “Our goal is to establish a known concept that people in Orange County can identify with; in essence, a concept that they can relate to the educational opportunities offered at Orange County community colleges.”